63rd Anniversary of Electric Traction on ER

1957 – 2020

There could be no better day to launch this website than today, as 63 years ago, on this day (December 1st), the very first commercial run of an ‘electric train’ (the first in Eastern India) happened out of Howrah under the then 3000v DC traction.

The electrification process in this part of the country was delayed owing to various reasons, and for a good 43 years since the first full fledged feasibility study was done in 1914 by M/s Merz, McLellan & Company.

The DC traction in Howrah division in Calcutta region was quickly converted to the far superior 25kV AC within the next 7 years. During this period, India’s first dual traction (AC – DC) EMUs (converted at Kanchrapara Workshop) provided the required services between the DC and AC sections.

S. S. Kochak, from the 1936 Jamalpur batch, was the first person to be at the controls of the first electric commercial run out of Howrah on board a WCM2 class loco.